Frequently Asked Questions


Ask away! It's your big day...


Any questions you may have, please feel free to get in touch and I will endeavour to answer them. Below are some of the usual questions I often get asked and a few of the not so usual!


Q. What music will you play?

A. I always play the music you love; the music your guests will like, along with the wedding disco classics too. I invest a great deal of time compiling and developing the perfect wedding set - many hours for each wedding. I work with you, giving you the opportunity to help create your own track list. Much harder than you'd imagine - but great fun all the same.


Q. My first dance is obscure have you got it?

A. Probably as my music library is huge, but I will ALWAYS get hold of any special track for you.


Q. Will it be really loud?

A. As loud as you like. Some people like a real night club vibe whilst others prefer a more sedate volume. I will always accommodate your 'volume' wishes. Of course I MUST follow venue and legal guidelines at all times.


Q. Will the DJ be annoying?

A. I hope not! But I know what you mean... I'll talk as much as you wish, but with so much fantastic music to dance to, the last thing you want is to listen to him!


Q. Do you play a mix of music to suit all ages and tastes?

A. Yes.


Q. Do you do requests?

A. Yes,I always try my best - but I ensure the request is appropriate to your event.


Q. What time do you arrive and how long is the set-up?

A. Normally I arrive at your venue 2 hours before your disco is due to begin. My standard set-up time is 1 hour. I will always liase with your venue manager or wedding planner prior to the event.


Q. How long will the disco last?

A. The usual wedding disco starts between 7pm - 8pm and normally finishes promptly at midnight. I will be on-site 2 hours prior to your start time. I am happy to play as late as your venue and your staying power allows! I do charge an additional amount for discos later than midnight.


Q. What do you wear?

A. Normally I wear a smart suit . If you have a particular requirement, such as black tie, please let me know.


Q. Are you insured?

A. Yes. I carry £10 million Public Liability Insurance, which can be emailed to your venue, prior to your big day.


Q. Is your equipment PAT tested?

A. Yes. this is carried out yearly and I can submit it to your venue, prior to your event.


Q. What if something breaks down?

A. Don't worry! I have back-ups of absolutely everything, in some cases I have back-ups of the back-ups! All equipment is checked before each wedding disco and I carry enough spares for any eventuality.


Q. Who will be there on the day?

A. Just myself Christopher Matthews.


Q. How many people can you play to?

A. My professional set-up is ideal for weddings of 50 to 500 guests.


Q. What are your payment terms?

A. Payment must be made in full prior to the wedding disco. Funds MUST be cleared before the wedding disco. In certain circumstances I will accept cash BEFORE setting up on the wedding day.


  I hope this section has helped, if you have any questions please email me as or call 075429 70026



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