Mood Lighting Glasgow


Why not create the perfect atmosphere with some modern LED mood lighting giving your venue the WOW factor.


Mood-lighting can enhance any room walls or marquee from even the most ordinary venues, to give a warm, bright, colourful elegant look, They are discreetly placed at floor level around your venue.


Mood-lighting can be matched to your chosen Wedding Colour theme, it can be static or we can slowly change the colours, chase the colours around your venue or put them to sound to light to give this Disco affect.


The stunning, ambient, beautiful and impressive Mood Lighting uses LED technology which makes them save around children, each unit is around 20w.


this is an optional extra and if you have other entertainment arranged, It would still be a pleasure to enhance your Venue, I have worked with many Bands and other DJs all over Glasgow, Edinburgh, Renfrewshire and Ayrshire and throughout Scotland.



Dancing in the Clouds


Take your partner by the hand for your first dance as husband and wife in style, by doing it in the clouds. Yes, I can supply the very latest low lying fog effects that make it look like you really are dancing in the clouds. Show off this fantasy like affect with your guests looking on in amazement leaving other first dances dull in comparison.  There is no health and safety worries and no fire alarm issues either.

Confetti Explosion


Confetti Explosion's are fun and romantic. They add a dynamic yet magical touch to your first dance or cutting of the Cake, that will leave a lasting impression with all your guests.

Giant LED Love Letters

Create the ultimate displace of affection and adoration with Giant LED Love Letters, Why not have the perfect centre piece at your Wedding.

These illuminated LED LOVE Letters are battery operated which makes them perfect for either indoor or outdoor use (weather permitting).  There are no ugly cables or messy wires for your guests to trip over.

They can be positioned at the entrance of your venue welcoming your guests, or in your main room next to the dance-floor catching your guests attention or any other place in your venue, after all their battery operated.


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